The Academy in Nutshell 👇
In The Shopanova Ecomm Academy...
We Use a blend of video Training, 1-on-1 & group coaching, and community, to Take you through Our four phase process and give You the foundational Principles Needed for...
Building, Managing, & Scaling Effective Facebook and Instagram Ads For Your Online Store
Phase 1:
The Deep Dive
Ever bought a course and then felt you didn't get any personal help? Ever watched hours of YouTube videos believing you were going to experience breakthrough and then implement three things and continue to waste ad spend...? 

Our goal is to make this program as personal and actionable as possible - this is not a one-size-fits-all coaching program...

And that is why we kick start the program with a 1-on-1 call to develop your custom growth roadmap which has made all the difference for our students.

Since there is so much content and training available in the academy, it is super important for us to assess your current situation and discover the bottlenecks that you are currently facing - So that we can develop the most efficient plan to towards achieving the results you're after.
Phase 2:
Getting Traffic Ready
I can't tell you how many people I have seen dumping tens of thousands of dollars straight down the drain simply because they were running ads before they were actually "Traffic Ready".

I don't know, if you know whether or not you are Traffic Ready or if you have ever even heard that term before - but getting the proper foundation laid in your Business Manager is crucial to your success on the Facebook platform and that is why we've created an entire pillar around this...which has helped our clients go from wasting thousands of dollars to putting it right back into their pockets or businesses.

In this phase, we breakdown three foundational pillars for getting started...
1. How to properly setup your Business Manager and leverage all of the tools available for ad optimization and analytics.
2. Facebook Ads best practices, Dynamic Product Ads, and Retargeting.
3. Setting setup my first, "2-Layer Minimum Viable" Facebook Ads funnel.
Phase 3:
The Scalable Store
In phase 2 we learned everything that we needed to know about being "Traffic Ready" in regards to all things Facebook to prevent any "bleeding" before it ever even happens. But the Facebook side of things is only 1-of-2 pieces to truly getting Traffic Ready

In this phase, we discover the elements of a Scalable Store and dive into the nitty gritty details of your website...

...Which again, is your solution to more efficient ad spend, higher website conversion rates, and ultimately less shopping from prospecting and more buying!

Topics include things like:

How to Get Customer 
Reviews & Leverage Social Proof On Your Site

The Need For & Proper Use Of Non-Commercial Content

Product Images & Description Best Practices

Knowing The Numbers Of Your Business.

Phase 4: Facebook Funnels and Scaling
Let the games begin!

After you have firm foundation in the basics of Facebook Ads and running an effective online store...

It's time to get super ninja with our ad strategies and learn everything from:
Prospecting, Traffic, Engagement, Audiences, Budget, Sequenced Retargeting Philosophy, Ad Formats Etc.

No more try this and hope for more trying decide what strategy is right for you and then experiencing nothing but "crickets" after you launch...No more "Facebook says I reached X amount of people but literally NO ONE purchased"....

No more ANY OF THAT!

Just ask Ben and Bryant who are now doing over 5 figures a day in new sales by using these principles and techniques.

This phase is all about implementation and positioning you for growth in your store!
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What Do the Weekly Coaching Calls Look Like?
We run 2 Live Coaching Calls a week...
These are so important because even though we run these in a group setting - these calls will give you the opportunity to get super specific feedback on the challenges you are facing via Live Q&A.

We also do one-off bonus trainings on these call based on community needs and Facebook Updates/Changes.
Meet Amy, our Head of Strategy and your expert Facebook Ads Coach!
She has been in the game since dial-up and manages accounts with daily spends as high as $20,000.00 - $25,000.00 a day!
What happens after the 8 week program?
After completion of the 8 week program you can either take what you've learned to go out and build your ecomm empire!
*No, you will not lose access to the training in the members area (you will get continued access 🤠) AND we will be updating it continually with all the latest and greatest, most relevant, content as the platform changes. 

The only thing that will change, is that you will no longer have access to the coaching calls replay vault, the secret facebook group, or the ongoing group coaching calls.
Or, you can join the ranks at Shopanova Elite!
Here's How We're Doing So Far!
🔥 $10,000 in one day! 🔥
🙌 CPA down from mid $30's to $7!!!!! 👇
😍 New Revelation 🤯
Nothin' But Love & Gratitude
"I have gained so much insight into how to fine tune the targeting of my ads...YOU WILL GET SO MUCH OUT OF
Implemented ninja bundling techniques to increase Average Order Value...
RESULT: AOV Up By 685%
Celebrating not only the big wins, but the little ones too!
"I can think of 100 & 1 other things that you guys are good at."
"I love the focus, clarity, and attention I get and would recommend the program to anyone"
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